My name is Kate, and I grew up here:


I studied Art, Psychology and Anthropology here:


So, I’m a forest girl. I’m happiest surrounded by trees and fog, rain is my jam, and I am all about those nature hikes.

Once upon a time, I went to visit a friend of mine who loves the ocean like I love the forest. We’ll call him the surfer boy:


And next thing I knew, this happened:


Now surfer boy has a really cool job, but it does mean we live here:


Yeah. Not a lot of trees.

But I believe happiness isn’t something you find, it’s something you make! So I explore the beautiful central coast of California looking for the beautiful little gems in between the concrete.┬áLet me introduce you to some of the things I’ve found that make daily life here so beautiful:

The wonderful SurferBoy:


The beautiful BFFL:


The adorable Nephews:


And her majesty the Princess Molly:


This assortment of misfits are my companions on my adventures, which inspire me to explore, create, and grow. This blog is not only my place to sell the fruits of my labor (and help clear out some closet space…you’d be suprised how quickly those canvases stack up) but also a way to record my adventures for posterity. So read, laugh, stop by my shop and find something you like.